The Dog Psychology Of It All

Learn to speak dog…

Only when you learn to "speak dog" will you have the well behaved pup you have always wanted.  At Gray Wolf Dog Training, we will teach you how to communicate with your dog at their basic, instinctual level.  All dogs are derived from the wolf and understanding the pack mentality is critical in speaking to your dog in a way he or she will understand – often without saying a word.  Dogs do not speak our language anyway, so trying to reason with them as we would a person means nothing to them!

Our trainer will come work with you at your home where your dog will learn in its own environment!  We also offer basic obedience that teaches a dog restraint and the conditioning to listen to your verbal and non-verbal commands.  Having Gray Wolf Dog Training work with your dog will ensure a well-balanced family member!

Additional session FREE with the purchase of our 5 lesson package for any RESCUE OR SHELTER DOG!

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